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Locked out in your car! Donít know what to do?

This is a hectic life and everyone is running for something, especially people with kids. So in run of something, they lose their car keys. They canít really remember where they kept their keys.

There has been an advancement in the car industry and so as the extra safeguard techniques. The automatic lock system is seriously an amazing thing. In the vague of getting fast out of the car, people sometimes leave their keys inside and the car gets locked and the keys are still inside it. Now what to do!

How can you take your keys back? Is there any way to get your keys out? What to do in a situation when you locked out of your car?

Get the boot

The boot is the storage area of the car. If your keys are inside and you canít get inside of your car. See if your boot has a manual locking system or it can be opened from outside. If you can open it, you can easily get into your car through the boot.

But this trick can only be applied if you can easily move your seats in your car. If that is not possible than you need a hatchback.

You can either get through the locking system or if you are lean, you can easily reach the front to grab the keys. You just need to be flexible enough to cross the back seats.